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Our Testimonials

We put hard work and dedication into each and every case. Here are some testimonials from some of our clients. 

  • “I was charged with Aggravated Assault. I was afraid of losing my future. She fought hard for me and won. The grand jury no billed my case. I am relieved to have my life back. Ms. Sparrow was great. I would highly recommend.”


  • “I have had a great experience with my attorney. I am amazed at the outcome for both of my cases. I will and have recommended Ms. Sparrow to other people. She is just a great person overall and seems to go the extra mile for her clients. Thank you for that! I am very happy with my experience with this law firm. “


  • “My experience with The Sparrow Law Firm has been wonderful. Ms. Sparrow always made sure that I understood everything that was going on. She was always on top of everything and I didn’t have to worry. If I or any of my family or friends ever need a lawyer I will make sure they call Ms. Sparrow. I am so happy with the treatment I got!”


  • “My case started off not looking very bright but turned into a miracle at the end of the tunnel due to the hard work of The Sparrow Law Firm. I’m blessed to have an awesome connection. I would recommend this law firm in a heartbeat!”


  • “I spoke with several of expensive law firms who had no idea about my cases. Then I spoke with Ms. Sparrow and she looked into my case, told me exactly what was going on and got the charges against me dismissed. She was very professional and friendly and on top of that affordable.”


  • “The Sparrow Law Firm helped me obtain sole custody of my daughter. The service was fast and fair. I recommend others to use this firm. Thank you!”


  • “The Sparrow Law Firm exceeded my expectations. Very easy process. Ms. Sparrow was a god send! I’d recommend this law firm to friends and family. She made this a stress free and overall easy experience.”


  • I am so pleased with Ms. Sparrow. I feel very comfortable with speaking to her about all aspects of my case. She was very informative and helped me get my case dismissed. I am so happy with Ms. Sparrow.”


  • “Ms. Sparrow walked me completely through my bankruptcy filing. I would gladly recommend her and her services to anyone. She was awesome. Thanks again!


  • “I was very satisfied with Ms. Sparrow’s representation. She was very dedicated to my case. Very informative and helpful. Thank you for your services. God Bless!”


  • “Ms. Sparrow was very sympathetic and professional in the handling of my divorce. She kept me informed of all of my legal options. I would highly recommend!”


  • “Ms. Sparrow did an excellent job. She is a good lawyer and I would prefer her over any other attorney!”


  • “My son’s case was handled above expectations. Her rates were reasonable. She helped my son avoid going to jail for a probation violation. Thank you for your hard work.”


  • “I am very happy with the way my case was handled. Ms. Sparrow did a great job!”


  • ” I want to thank Ms. Sparrow for taking my case and ultimately ending up with a dismissal . She was kind and best of all professional and handled business at all times.”