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Resolving Child Custody Issues Requires A Skilled Attorney

When two people were in a relationship, they probably worked together to make family decisions. After a separation and divorce, many of those discussions lead to arguments.

The children, and the time they spend with each of their parents, become pawns after a marriage dissolution. If you are facing child custody issues anywhere in the greater Houston area, contact The Sparrow Law Firm.

Whether you are trying to get a positive custody ruling in an initial divorce or trying to get a custody order altered, call us.

The Custody Process Can Be Complicated And Stressful

Texas encourages divorcing parents to create a co-parenting plan that includes custody and visitation provisions. Unfortunately, many times they cannot agree without help. Mediation is one way that the parents can be guided to craft a plan that will work for them and their children. If mediation does not work, the next step is a trial and custody questions will be determined by the judge.

Several things could factor into the judge’s custody decision, including:

  • Child’s preference for physical custody (who they live with most of the time)
  • Child’s relationship with each parent
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug/alcohol use
  • Existing custody agreements
  • Home environment of both parents
  • Lifestyle, finances and health of the parents

Modifying Your Custody Order

If you have a custody agreement, modifications will depend on which type is in place. If it is a temporary order, you will not need a hearing to file additional motions. If you have a permanent custody order, you will need to file a Motion to Modify. You will be required to prove in court what changes make the change necessary and how those changes affect your children.

Fighting Untrue Accusations During Custody Disputes

There are times a divorce gets so adversarial that one parent makes allegations against the other. If someone accuses you of abuse or neglect, we can work with you to protect your parenting rights. Our firm’s attorney has successfully retained parenting rights in these difficult situations.

Protecting The Best Interests Of You And Your Child

Although no two cases are identical, and no outcome is certain, our legal team at The Sparrow Law Firm will work for you to get the best outcome possible. Schedule an introductory appointment by using our online form or call us at 281-770-3231.