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Trusted Family Law Advocacy

Legal issues involving family are often complex because of the emotions involved. Attorney Ikaha M. Sparrow of The Sparrow Law Firm is a compassionate advocate experienced in resolving all types of family law matters including:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Modification
  • Adoption

We listen to our clients, offer options and deliver results. Here is how our firm can help you.

Guiding You Through The Divorce And Custody Process

Decisions made during a divorce can have a long-term impact. There are many aspects of your life that are at stake in a divorce, such as:

  • The division of assets and debts, including retirement accounts
  • Support of children and possibly your former spouse
  • Custody of children and visitation schedules

Our firm protects your rights through proactive and skilled legal strategy to pursue an equitable divorce settlement.

Pursuing Post-Decree Modifications

In the years following a divorce, children’s schedules change as they grow, and often, one or both parents have a transition in employment. At these times, it makes sense to adjust parental plans through a formal modification. We help clients make modifications to the parenting, visitation and support plans outlined in their initial divorce agreements. A modification through family court makes these changes in visitation schedules and support levels legally binding.

Making Successful Adoptions Happen

All legal requirements must be met for an adoption to finalize successfully. Whether you pursue a private or agency adoption, our firm provides experienced services and proactive advice.

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