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A Firm That Works Hard For You

Some hardships are so life-changing that only the assistance of a skilled, experienced attorney can bring order to what seems like chaos. Ikaha M. Sparrow founded The Sparrow Law Firm to help clients handle all kinds of crises such as:

  • Divorce
  • Financial hardship

Attorney Sparrow is keenly focused on her clients’ legal needs and diligently protects their rights in the areas of family law and bankruptcy.

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In Trying Times, You Can Count On Us

Serving Greater Houston, Harris County and surrounding South Texas areas, The Sparrow Law Firm handles legal challenges from the simple to the complex. We deliver quality legal services to make a positive difference in your life, and our firm is here for you.

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You deserve better than a contentious divorce or financial difficulties. We can work together to put these stressful troubles in your rear-view mirror. Call The Sparrow Law Firm today at 281-770-3231 or reach us by email to arrange an initial consultation.