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Can someone with a custody order get more time with their kids?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Child Custody

Shared custody often means mutual compromise. The adults often have to adjust their lives to fit around the custody order or parenting plan, and it is typical for at least one of the parents to be quite disappointed with the terms set by the courts.

Especially when one parent has far more time with the children than the other, the parent with limited access is likely to feel dissatisfied with playing a seemingly minor role in the lives of their children. Can Texas parents go back to court and ask for more time with their children?

Yes, the family courts grant modification hearings

One of the many reasons why parents with shared minor children may end up in family court is a need to modify their existing custody arrangement. When family circumstances change, what is best for the children can change as well. A parent hoping to increase their time with their children typically needs to review what led to their unfavorable custody terms in the first place.

Did they lack appropriate housing where each child could have their own space? Were there accusations of instability or addiction that may have influenced the judge’s decisions? Actions ranging from attending parenting courses to documenting new living arrangements can help someone prepare for a modification hearing.

Sometimes, the parent who wants more time with the children can obtain the cooperation of the other parent, but their support is not necessary for a modification to occur. Explaining to a judge how the family circumstances have changed and how more time with one parent would be in the best interest of the children will be key to a successful modification request.

Provided that a judge agrees that the circumstance has changed and that it would be in the children’s best interest to have a more even breakdown of parenting time, a parent can potentially obtain more time with his or her kids.

The right focus and evidence are the key to success

All too often, parents make their custody disputes about themselves instead of keeping the focus on what would be best for the children. Those who wait for the right time and gather appropriate evidence affirming the changes in their lives will often have an easier time convincing a judge to increase the parenting time.

Being proactive in asserting one’s rights and maintaining the right priorities can make it easier for a Texas parent in shared custody arrangements to protect their relationship with their children.