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Top tips for planning your divorce party

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Divorce

Whether your divorce was a long time coming or came on suddenly, closing one chapter so you can move forward can be a great reason to celebrate.

You can celebrate your divorce whether you had a good marriage that became distant or if your marriage was stressful and the divorce a challenge. A divorce party is a time to gather your friends to celebrate your next step forward.

Here’s what you should know about planning a party to celebrate your divorce.

Choose an exciting theme

Part of the fun of a divorce party is choosing a theme that will help your friends and family focus on the positive time ahead of you. There are many popular divorce party themes, including:

  • Happily ever after. A fairytale, but without the spouse. You can decorate with castles and nice outfits while enjoying being happily without your ex.
  • Lemons to lemonade. The relationship may not have gone as planned, but now you are ready to start looking at making positive changes. You can decorate with bright citrus colors to bring together moving from sour to sweet.
  • Happy trails. Embrace a western-horse vibe to mark your journey on a new path. You could have your party at a local trail riding facility or simply decorate with horseshoes and western hats. Ask your friends to wear their best wrangling gear.

Regardless of the situation with your ex, your divorce party should be focused on celebrating you and your future, not mocking your ex.

The guest list

Chances are, now that you are going through a divorce, your circle of friends has changed. Your circle may be smaller, and people may try to stay neutral amid a heated divorce.

When making your guest list, you may want to consider the opinions of those you wish to include and the conversations that could arise during the party. If you have a group of friends who will be tempted to trash-talk your ex, you may want to consider a separate get-together so that those who support you but want to remain friends with you and your ex can be comfortable celebrating your new journey.

A divorce party can give you closure after the divorce process and give your friends a chance to demonstrate their support by joining you in celebrating your next chapter.